Road Trip

First off I would like to apologize for not following through with my promise to write a second post about the two articles I read last week. My life got pretty hectic, and I just couldn’t find the time. There were family get togethers, dinners and partying, and preparation for the road trip to Ottawa. Before I jump right into that, let me give you some background on why I made the decision to do this.

My brother has been living at home these past few months, and has been preparing to go to Europe for the summer. For those of you who don’t know him, he’s going to grad school in London ON, in the fall, for something vaguely philosophical. He worked for a year as an English teacher in Japan, and most definitely has the travel bug. So it was no surprise when I found out he would be going to Croatia to become a skipper, with the promise of postings around the Mediterranean and the Adriatic. His departure from our house coincided with my parents also going away. They were destined for England, where my mother’s Nanny is turning 90! It’s going to be a big party, with most of my mother’s family traveling from their respective corners of the globe to be there. 

Back to me though. Upon hearing all of this, I realized that all of a sudden I was going to be left alone in our house. Which isn’t a bad thing, I enjoy having my own space, I just wasn’t ready for that much of a change. I figured I didn’t want to just sit at my computer for two weeks, only leaving the house to get food. So I decided to go to Ottawa to visit my friend Winston, who goes to UO. I talked to him about the dates and he said he wouldn’t be too swamped with exams, so I got the ball rolling.

Last Tuesday, Anthony and I left Guelph at around 1 PM and drove up to Kingston (I drove, Anthony doesn’t have his license). We stayed the night at Tristan’s house, and the next day we drove to Ottawa with Tristan. The sleeping arrangements were a bit cramped, but we managed. I slept on Winston’s mattress that he set down on the living room floor, Tristan slept on the floor beside me (I still don’t know why he didn’t want to switch, but hey I’m not complaining), and Anthony MacGyver’d himself a bed with a half broken couch, a beanie bag chair, and 4 actual chairs. We met Winston’s three roomies, who are really good guys. Their residence is basically a bunch of apartments, and their room seemed to be the hub for all of their friends. There were five or six people (not counting myself, Anthony or Tristan) there most of the time. 

During our time there we did some wandering, exploring the city around the UO campus. We explored the mall, Winston bought a pair of white sweat shorts, and we convinced Anthony not to buy a pair of shoes for 250$. Tristan got a vinyl at the local record store, and I bought a shirt. Oh yeah and booze, we all bought booze. That night we went across the street to Father n’ Son’s, the closest bar, which was nice. It had a good atmosphere, the pub and the city both. I felt strangely calm, for once not getting stressed out or anxious. It was a much needed change of scenery, and I’m really happy that I went through with it.

Friday gave me a chance to do my own thing. One of Bean’s friends lives up in Ottawa, we’ve been gaming together for a couple of months, and seeing as I was in town I went to meet up with him. I drove over to his place and we gamed for most of the day, stopping to go out for food at one point. The others were planning to go to a Keys n Krates concert, and invited the two of us to come along. Part of me would have liked to go, but alas, I decided I didn’t really feel up to it, so James and I just hung out at his place, invited over one of his friends and gamed a bunch. I left his place around midnight, and drove back to Winston’s residence. Only his roommate Josh was there, who let me in, and I waited around watching TV until the partiers got back. My highlight of the night was Anthony, after about 20 minutes of silence, looking up and asking everyone what they had been doing that night. It was around that point that I thought to myself, ‘Damn, i missed out on drunk Anthony.’ For those of you who don’t know him, Anthony is one of the funniest guys I know. That fact only gets exacerbated by alcohol.

The next day was Saturday, and it was definitely a slow day. Everyone else was pretty wiped from the concert the night before, and weren’t really up for much. We lazed around for most of the day, and then around six o’clock we left to drive back to Kingston. We were really tired so we set up a movie and got about an hour into it before realizing that more of us were sleeping than watching it. I’ll admit, I was one of the ones who was sleeping. Having had a good night’s sleep, we packed up the next day (Sunday) after some interesting gluten free pancakes that Anthony made out of bananas, and at around 1 PM we departed for home.

The drive home was uneventful, although we discovered that the CD that was in the car when we first took off on our adventure was Random Access Memories, and was actually better than the music we brought with us, so we listened to that on our way home. We stopped once just outside of Kingston to fill up on gas but other than that the drive was uneventful. All in all I had a wonderful time and met some pretty cool people. This trip has made me want to get out and around more, and on that note I bought a ticket for Mad Decent (Toronto, August 2014). 

Feeling pretty happy, probably gonna go buy some food cause theres none in my house.


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